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Help me add script based cfc support to varscoper

by Mike on January 19, 2012

I’ve received a few requests to modify varscoper and add support for cfcs written completely in cfscript. I don’t usually write cfcs completely in script, so I’m looking for a little help in order to expedite development.

Things I’m looking for…

  • Code samples – I’d like to get a representative sample of what people are writing. This might be included/released as part of a test case, so please don’t send anything sensitive.
  • RegEx help – Are you a regex wiz? If you can help provide an expression that can isolate function blocks it would be a huge help.
  • New ideas on how to parse code – varscoper is heavily dependent on regular expressions. This isn’t the ideal tool to use when parsing irregular strings, any ideas on other tools/libraries to use would be a big help

I don’t have a timeline on a release, but with some help I’d like to get something out soon. If you can help, feel free to comment below, use the contact form above, or contact me on twitter

From → ColdFusion, varscoper

  1. John Nicola permalink

    Hi Mke…

    How have you got on with the script based cfc varscoping.

    If not too far…!! I would be willing to help out in getting this done.


    John Nicola

    • Mike permalink


      I haven’t really done much at all. You’re the first person who’s shown any interest. I’d love any help that I can get on it.

  2. Bret F (@cfnerd) permalink

    Mike…I use your varscoper project from time to time to make my sure code is happy. Thank You for writing it. I did notice that it doesn’t respond well to usage of ‘transaction’ within cfscript.

    If and whenever you get around to making script-based support in varscoper, add this one to the list please.

    Thanks again!

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