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varScoper 1.20 – critical update

by Mike on May 20, 2008

Version 1.20 of varscoper is now out on RIAForge. It’s also available directly from the download link.

Many thanks to Pat Santora for this release. The majority of the content in this release is a direct result of his hard work.


  • Improvements to cfscript parsing engine
    • RIAForge issues 6,7,8,9,10,11 are fixed
    • Improved handling of script comments
  • Ability to exclude files/folders
    • configured through properties.xml
    • Ability to exclude individual files or directories from your search
  • Integrated Unit Testing
    • testCaseCFC.cfc now includes positive/negative test cases for all reported issues

    • Currently still reporting 2 known issues that will be addressed in a future release
  • Improvements to parsing engine
    • Fix for Ray’s cffeed bug (also fixes cfprocparam)

    • More agressive var scope checking (re-run against all your code, we found 2 new unscoped vars at Planitax)

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  1. This version does not work with CFMX 6.1 because xmlParse did not support a filename argument until CFMX7. I know, we’re all upgrading sooner or later. I have separate CF7 and CF8 instances running, so I’ll be ok. Just note, this release is not compatible with CFMX 6.1.

  2. Andrew permalink

    I had to change varScoper.cfm line 34



  3. @Andrew and Nathan

    Thanks for the posts guys. I will get this fixed ASAP.

  4. Dmitriy Goltseker permalink

    Mike. Sometimes ago I help you fixed a problem with cfdirectory, so that the functionality will be for CF 6.1 and up. I’m still on CF 6.1 and it seems that the new release is not 6.1 compatible. Any plans to keep it going, or you will not test varScoper in 6.1 anymore?


  5. Dmitry-
    Pat is looking at it and will hopefully have a fix for it today, I generally don’t have a 6.1 environment setup, so it’s not easy for me to test. (I’m guessing Pat didn’t either) I may contact you in the future before I send out a new version so you can do a sanity check for me.

  6. Dmitriy Goltseker permalink

    Sure thing.

    Btw, it’s Dmitriy (see the right spelling)

  7. Sorry about that, I think I’ve misspelled it almost every time I’ve emailed you, my bad, I need to learn to copy and paste. Feel free to misspell my last name all you want, you won’t be the first.

  8. Dmitriy Goltseker permalink

    It doesn’t look that complicated :)

  9. @ Dmitriy

    Mike’s right, I did not have a 6.1 environment available, but I do now (just got one setup today). I am currently adjusting the code to get this all working (not complicated like you expressed :-)). However I would love to have your help with testing the changes if you are available to do so?

  10. Dmitriy Goltseker permalink

    When I said "It doesn’t look that complicated", I was referring to Mike’s last name as he challenged me to misspell it.

    As far as testing, I’ll do what I can as my time is very limited. "24 hours in one day is not enough for me :) "

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