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varScoper 1.30 release with CF Builder extension

by Mike on July 27, 2009

varScoper 1.30 is now available to download on RIAForge. This release fixes over 17 reported issues and also works properly on both Railo and OpenBD.
Additionally, Raymond Camden’s ColdFusion builder extension code has been integrated. Hopefully the consolidation will make life easier for everyone. You can either install the zip, or import the extension if it’s already unpacked. In case you haven’t used it yet, this feature allows you to right click on a file or folder in CF Builder and run varScoper directly from the IDE.
At the moment, this release will not correctly identify variables based on CF9 syntax (LOCAL scope and ability to identify var anywhere in a function). The test cases are in place and I’ll be working on it soon. As a result you will notice the unit test will throw an error if you aren’t running cf9.
Thanks again to Ray, Pat Santora, and everyone else who has reported issues. If you have any problems, please report them at RIAForge and I will get to them eventually.

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  1. Orc permalink

    Thanks for another helpful tool!
    I’ll comment that I just downloaded varscoper 4, which parses and puts the first letter of the line, then the line number, space, then the rest of the line.
    That doesn’t stop it from being a must-have IMHO!

  2. Mike, this might be a dumb question, but as I understand it CF9 places all unscoped variables in a function into the local structure, which is protected. Doesn’t this make the usage of varScoper obsolete in CF9?

    We use it at work, and we’re trying to decipher all this to determine whether we need to keep using your great tool going forward once we upgrade to CF9.

  3. avejidah permalink

    Thank you. You are my hero!

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